One-Day Eligibility Check

One Day is All it Takes

Thanks to our database of unique scorecards from every bank, your salespeople can get eligibility results from multiple banks for every customer in only 1 working day!

That means no inventory tied up on bad leads, and more time spent woo-ing customers who KNOW they can afford your property!

Online Banker Assignment

Banker assigned and notified online

At this point, ineligible customers have already been weeded out in the shortest amount of time, and eligible customers can confidently place their bookings.

Lenders can be assigned either by Loanstreet or the developer, and the details and performance of the assigned banker can be reviewed online easily for each and every case!

Real Time Updates From Bankers

keep updated 24-7!

No more chasing and begging bankers to update you on time, no more endless texts, calls, and emails in an effort to keep track of customer loans so that you can proceed with the sale.

Now all you need to do is login to Loanstreet PartnersTM to get a birds-eye view of the entire loan application process. You can even monitor the performance of your bankers and see who is the most effective at his or her job!

Average booking to conversion
Booking Cancellations
Total Effort Required